Former commander of Canadian Forces cyber operations centre in Ottawa charged with fraud

The former commanding officer of a Canadian Forces cyber operations centre in Ottawa has been charged with fraud and other related offences.

April 13, 2018 (Courtesy of the Ottawa Citizen) –  Lt.-Col. Brian Mosher was charged Thursday, the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service said. The charges relate to the alleged unauthorized use of a federal government credit card that was to be used for travel purposes.

Unauthorized transactions of approximately $24,000 were made using the credit card between September and December 2015, police say. The transactions were made in the Ottawa area and were not related to business travel, according to Navy Lt. Blake Patterson spokesman for the Canadian Forces military police group.

Mosher is currently assigned to the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group at Canadian Forces Station Leitrim. He faces charges of fraud, false pretense and an act of a fraudulent nature.

CFS Leitrim is home to electronic spy facilities as well as the military’s cyber defence capabilities.

Mosher was chief of staff at the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group at the time of the alleged offence. He was appointed commanding officer of  Canadian Forces Networked Operations Centre in July 2016. He has subsequently been removed from command.

The Canadian Forces Network Operations Centre coordinates cyber domain awareness for the military. For instance, in 2010 when WikiLeaks released large amounts of classified information about the Afghan warthe Canadian Forces Network Operations Centre monitored any attempts by military personnel to view the site’s material.

Patterson said an investigation was started in January 2016.

“Fraudulent activities involving Department of National Defence funds are taken seriously by the Canadian Forces Military Police as part of our jurisdiction in matters concerning defence property,” Lieutenant-Colonel Kevin Cadman, commanding officer of the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service said in a statement. “This investigation resulting in charges against a senior officer illustrates our commitment to ensure all individuals involved in such criminal activities will be brought to justice.”

The charges have not been proven in court. The matter is now proceeding in the military justice system for possible court martial at a date and location still to be determined.

In an unrelated matter, the National Investigation Service has charged a Canadian military police officer with drug-related offences.

The charges relate to alleged possession, trafficking as well as the use of cocaine between September 2016 and March 2017 at or near Canadian Forces Base Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Military police officer, Corporal Colten Egers-Wood is charged with one count of trafficking, one count of possession, and one count of Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline.

The matter is now proceeding in the military justice system for possible court martial.

Patterson said that investigation started in April 2017.

“The original investigation was about alleged illegal drug use by a member,” Patterson said. “And then further investigation determined there was grounds to proceed to additional charges.”

Engers-Wood was arrested on Aug. 15, 2017 but charges have now been laid.

The Military Police credentials of the accused were temporarily suspended in August 2017, pending the results of the military judicial proceedings.

“He has been reassigned to administrative duties in Gander,” Patterson said.

Deborah McCoy – Is a licensed paralegal under the auspices of the Law Society of Ontario, and has over 17 years of investigation experience in both the private and public business sectors. Since joining CFN, Ms. McCoy has become a true advocate for victims of fraud and increasing the public’s awareness in fraud prevention.

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